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PMID: Abstract Every year, especially during the vírus vírus season, many people catch vírus vírus acute respiratory disease, namely flu. It is easy to catch this disease; therefore, it spreads very rapidly and often becomes an epidemic or a global pandemic. Airway inflammation and other body ailments, which form in a very short period, torment the patient several weeks. After that, the symptoms of the disease usually disappear as quickly as they emerged.

Dmitrij Joszifovics Ivanovszkij orosz mikrobiológus, növényfiziológus [9] A baktériumokat felfedező Louis Pasteur képtelen volt megtalálni a veszettség kórokozóját és feltételezte, hogy annyira apró, hogy nem látszik a mikroszkópban. Ivanovszkij feltételezte, hogy a betegséget a baktériumok által kiválasztott toxinok okozhatják, de további kutatásokat nem folytatott. Stanley cáfolta meg véglegesen, amikor bebizonyította részecsketermészetüket.

The great epidemics of flu have rather unique characteristics; therefore, it is possible to identify descriptions of such epidemics in historic sources. Already in the 4th century bc, Hippocrates himself wrote about one of them. It is known now that flu epidemics emerge rather frequently, but there are no regular intervals between those events.

vírus vírus

The epidemics can differ in their consequences, but usually they cause an increased mortality of elderly people. The great flu epidemics of the last century took millions of human lives.

vírus vírus

Induring "The Spanish" pandemic of flu, there were around millions of deaths all over the world; "Pandemic of Asia" in took up to one million lives, etc. Influenza virus can cause various disorders of the respiratory system: from mild inflammations of upper airways to acute pneumonia that finally results in the patient's death.

The disease is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. It infects the cells binding to the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor ACE2 which is expressed by cells throughout the airways as targets for cellular entry. Although the majority of persons infected with Vírus vírus experience symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infection, in some people infections of the acinar airways result in severe, potentially fatal pneumonia.

Scientist Richard E. Shope, who investigated swine flu inhad a suspicion that the cause of this disease might be a virus. Then scientific community started the exhaustive research of influenza virus, and the great interest in this virus and its unique features is still active even today.

vírus vírus

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